Posted on 10/28/2018 in Website Updates by Bar And Club

Claimable Business Listings

Claimable Business Listings

On Bar And Club you can find your business profile on our website, then you can pay our website to CLAIM that listing and take over the account and add more relevant information about your business.

Key Features to Boost Sales & Conversions

  • We Add a call-to-action on each unclaimed profile page
  • We Simplify the signup process for existing listings
  • We Track members that have claimed their listing
  • 100% Self-Service – Easy to follow steps for the members

Who Is This For?

The Claimable Business Listings feature is a super powerful tool that can be used by the business owner to claim their listing on our website. We especially recommend this if you are wanting to save time signing up on our website and your listing already exists.

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