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Managed SSL Security

Managed SSL Security

Bar And Club is on board with the latest and greatest in SSL technology. We want you to know we value your privacy and security just as much as you do, if not more. 

SSL is known best by two indicators that pop up in the URL bar when it’s installed: the green padlock and https:// When visitors see these items, they know that your website is safe and secure.

Key Benefits of an SSL

  • Increased Security – An SSL certificate protects your website and encrypts data such as credit card information
  • Increased Trust – Stand out from competitors who do not have SSL security and increase your brand’s credibility
  • Increased Revenue – When users trust your website they are more likely to pay for products and services
  • Increased Rankings – Google now favors SSL secured websites, helping to boost search rankings and increase traffic

In July 2018 Google Chrome made it official: If your site doesn’t have a security certificate, visitors will see this warning. Securing your website with an SSL certificate is not only the right thing to do for your users, it’s also great for boosting search rankings and delivering more traffic to your site.




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