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Multi-Location Listings

Multi-Location Listings

Bar And Club gives our members more exposure in our directory! The Multi-Location Listing feature allows members to list themselves in additional geographical locations.

When members select these additional locations, website visitors will see more results when they conduct searches in our directory – providing members with increased visibility.

Key Features to Boost Sales & Conversions

  • We Increase visibility for members when listed in multiple areas
  • We show website visitors more results when they search our site
  • We can Allow members to be found in “ALL” geographical locations
  • We Maximize our website’s potential to attract leads

Who Is This For?

Multi-Location Listings is a great feature for any business that wants visitors to find them in additional search results.

This is for you if you answer “Yes” to at least one of the following questions:

QUESTION 1: Do you have or service multiple locations?

QUESTION 2: Do you offer an online service, or have multiple locations, removing the necessity of being linked to a single physical location?

QUESTION 3: Do you wish to allow certain visitors to find you in “ALL” locations?

QUESTION 4: Do you want to generate more revenue by attracting more visitors?




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