Posted on 11/21/2018 in Website Updates by Bar And Club

RSS Feed for Posts

RSS Feed for Posts

The RSS Feed for Posts will automatically generate and dynamically update RSS feeds for all post types on our website.

Posts types (articles, classifieds, events, properties, etc.) will have their own RSS feeds that will always be kept up to date in real time as content is published to our website. We will also have an all-inclusive RSS feed which aggregates all published posts.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Each post type will have its own RSS feed
  • Our website will have one all-inclusive RSS feed for all posts
  • Assists search engines in crawling and indexing our website
  • RSS feeds allow search engines to crawl new pages in seconds
  • Gain more exposure by submitting your feed(s) to RSS readers
  • Will potentially expand our audience via automated syndication

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