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Want to publish events that repeat daily or weekly? A recurring event is any event that occurs more than once, according to a specified time interval, such as meetings, courses and more.

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Private Member Chat allows you as a member to chat back and forth through our website. It is a great way to communicate with someone about Nightlife before meeting up with them.

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We give our members the ability to reply to their customer reviews posted on their profiles / listings on our website. This helps our clients to build better rapport with their clients and also helps others to know how responsive you are with your clients.

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Users can leave reviews on your profile / listing page by default. However, we have recently expanded this functionality by allowing your clients to upload up to 5 images when leaving a review. This functionality is completely mobile-friendly as well. Users can upload images from their smartphones and tablets in addition to their computers.

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We allow Nightlifers to create FREE Accounts to be able to bookmark their favorite places such as your establishment. You having an account can also bookmark other establishments, promoters, djs, transportation, and accomodations.

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Invoicing can be time consuming, but not anymore! The Downloadable PDF Invoices feature we have automates the invoicing process by generating PDF invoices for your account. This will generate PDF invoices that you as our client can download. Clients can download invoices for offline bookkeeping, requests for payment and more.

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The Member Profile / Listing Analytics provide you as our client with valuable data such as your number of profile views, clicks to your website and visits to your social media profiles – all broken down by day, month and year. You can use these statistics to see how you are analytically benefiting from our website.

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The Multi Account Manager allows individual members to manage multiple profiles / listings from one master account. The main account holder can quickly create, edit, and switch between multiple business listings. Perfect for companies that have multiple locations / businesses, restaurant chains, resellers of our services, and more!

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