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Why A Career With Us?

  • We Consistently Deliver Praise And Recognition.
    Did you know that feeling unappreciated is the #1 reason why Americans quit their jobs? At Bar And Club we ensure our team is being consistently recognized for their hard work.

  • We Make Work Fulfilling.
    No one wants to feel like their work doesn’t matter. In order to make work fulfilling, we first let you know the purpose behind our organization. Why do we exist? What purpose does our company serve and who do we help? Then with your skills we can tell each individual how their contributions help make our company that much better.

  • We Offer Meaningful Perks.
    Perks that improve your enjoyment in life and demonstrate that our company cares about employees, things like working from home, enjoying nightlife out at different locations, free rides on the party bus and even gift cards.

  • We Invest In Your Growth.
    We are a huge believer that personal development is a basic human need, and that our employees need to constantly grow in order to feel fulfilled. When employees feel stagnant, that’s when many start scrolling through the job boards in search of something new.

  • We Throw Fun Events that Allow People to Interact and Bond.
    It’s a fact: having friends at work just makes going into the office more fun. It helps create a sense that you and your colleagues are all “in this thing together.” Having ongoing fun events at a set cadence, gives our team the chance to connect with their coworkers on a more personal level.

  • We Incentivize Wellness (and Make it Fun).
    While a health lecture may sound like a decent idea to help people improve wellness, it’s not something that will get our team excited. For wellness to work, we have made it something that’s enjoyable for our team. We often get out and do Outdoor Adventures such as Hiking, Cave Exploring, or some other fun Outdoor Activity.

  • We Build Trust.
    Our team wants to be trusted. They want to be given responsibility because it shows that they are confident in their abilities. Trust means micromanaging less, but also creating accountability to ensure things are getting done.