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Ripe Tomato An American Grill Review

Submitted by Deb on 04/10/2022

Waitress polishing

Overall Rating

We are huge fans of the Ripe Tomato. We eat there at least 3 times a month. Food is outstanding and the bread, oh the bread!!! Then there's the waitstaff. They at least the ones we've had lately, don't smile or act as they are the least bit interested in you. I even caught one rolling her eyes after she served my friend the wrong cocktail, her mistake. I waitressed for many years and when I did it was about the customers complete satisfaction . Tips were the way we made a living. Most of these girls could use a class in charm and charisma. It would be in their best interest and their customers as well. Well still come back because the food is fabulous, service just needs some polishing. Dirty plate removal also needs work.

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